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Moon Cresta
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Moon Cresta... this was a great game that rates as one of my top 5 of all time. It was one of the first games to introduce 'docking' of ships, which in this case increases your firepower. This was well before Galaga did the same thing. One almost unique feature of the game is that the enemies don't shoot, instead simply try to ram your ship.
The first 2 attack waves ("cold-eyes") are fairly simple, the best thing is to wait in the centre for a fraction of a second after the player's ship appears, then start shooting. As the cold-eyes appear you'll hit a few before they become dangerous. If you can concentrate on splitting just a couple of them, then finishing those ones off, you'll be in good shape to deal with the remaining enemies. If you split all of them it can get pretty hairy, as they have very random flight patterns and nowhere is safe.
Once you're dealt with the cold eyes you'll face 2 waves of ""super-flies". I like to start this wave slightly left of centre, as they loop around here in a tight bunch for a while, offering easy targets. When they start drifting down towards you, keep your focus tight on your ship, as you'll need to do some defensive manoevering when things get tight. Remember too, they can loop right back around from below your ship and take you out!
Once you've gotten through the super-flies it's time to dock. Hopefully you'll have not lost your first ship, as the combination of first and second ships is highly effective. The third ship is very wide so gives the enemies a large target area.
Docking is easy, the fire button serves as a thruster in case you get in trouble, and you don't need to be pixel-perfect. It helps to finish up the final super-fly attack in the centre, then you'll not need to use thrust at all. Docking quickly gives good points too. so try to not use that thrust button.
Next up are 2 waves of "four-d" attacks. These little buggers are tough. They disappear at random points, then re-appear somewhere else. Usually very near your ship and on a collision course! Start these waves slighly right of centre. If you have a 1+2 ship combination you should be fine, as you'll take out the majority of enemies before they get near your ship. If you've already lost ship 1 (or, god forbid, 1 and 2!) you're in trouble and will have to move very defensively, keeping your eyes close to your ship. Once you've almost cleared the final four-d move to the right, because next you've got meteors hurtling at you! Time it so you move out, shoot a meteor then move back to the corner to hide. It's really easy once you've done it a few times.
Now it's time to dock again, same as before. With luck you've not lost a ship yet, so you'll have some awesome firepower by combining all 3 ships.
Once that's through, it's on to 2 "atomic pile" levels. These guys are easily dealt with, as they only fly vertically so avoidance is no problem.
Moon Cresta is a really great little game with colourful graphics and infectious sound effects. You'll find it in the "classics" folder of GPMame32, and it plays nicely with sound and frameskip 1.

Reviewed by: Alyinsanfran


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wow, I haven't tried this one yet! It sounds like fun, & with the tips, I should be a champ in no time! :D

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