Friday, April 22, 2005

GameProbe of the Week: Aladdin (Sega Genesis)

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Hello, welcome to another installment of GameProbe of the Week. This week, I'm going to highlight one of my all-time favorites, Aladdin, on the Sega Genesis. I fondly remember opening that package on Christmas morning, then running straight to the Sega Genesis to plug it in.

Aladdin is, for the most part, a platformer game, but there are different little mini-games also to divert you from getting bored. The platformer engine is incredibly solid, the default controls are the A Button for throwing apples, the B Button for using your sword, and the C Button for jumping. Level design is another strong point in this game, the artwork really sucks you in, especially the level inside Genie's lamp, it's amazing! Another memorable level was flying through the cave of wonders on the carpet. One of the mini-games I found especially fun, you play as Aladdin's monkey, Abu, your goal is to collect the falling gems while avoiding the falling swords. It almost feels like a little arcade game, it's quite fun! Another little mini-game is a spinning wheel where you try to stop the wheel on a free life or a continue, while avoiding Jafar, who takes all your jewels. You have as many turns at this as you have collected jewels.

Aladdin was, at the time, one of the most graphically beautiful games ever made. If you've seen the movie, the graphics here deffinately won't dissappoint you, they look exactly like the cells straight from the film. The sound is also not disappointing, the theme song is played very well and the sound effects are more than adequate.

Overall, this is one of my favorite platformers. It's a great game that really held up well over time. Aladdin is perfectly playable on DrMD, although, you may have to fiddle with the settings depending on your clockspeed.


Blogger BobBorakovitz said...

for all you cheaters out there -
pause the game and press AABBAABBAABB
to skip the level completely! ;)

Fri Apr 22, 03:34:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't forget to mention what it is: a disney game.
i don't like disney games/movies at all. and i know, i'm not alone :( but thats just a question of taste.

btw..keep up bringing your favourite games. the more reviews the scene has, the better.
and this site is really high quality.

Sat Apr 23, 11:42:00 PM EDT  
Blogger BobBorakovitz said...

well, during the Sega Genesis period, Disney made a TON of great games, Aladdin being the best one. Try out Lion King and Mickey's Ultimate Challenge for other great ones. I'm not a fan of the corporation Disney, but some of the things they come out with are really good. Some good disney movies: Aladdin, Emporer's New Groove, Mulan, Atlantis, Treasure Planet, Lilo & Stitch. So, generalizing that everything Disney sucks, is not the most truthful statement. It is, however, your opinion.
Keep 'em coming! :D

Sun Apr 24, 05:47:00 PM EDT  
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